The farm is managed in respect for the environment. The main products are extra virgin olive oil, honey and saffron of the Florentine hills. Jams and other products are made with the fruits of the farm and can be purchased by guests at the dedicated shop. We put a special care in the production of saffron: we were responsible for the reintroduction of its production in the Florentine hills to obtain the name of origin controlled. The pistils are hand-picked one by one at the moment of the harvest, which the whole family takes part in from October to November. They are slowly dried and then packaged. This product is completely natural and free from any preservative or manufacturing.

Why our Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out: the care of the plants, the terroir and the harvesting done strictly by hand, with professionalism and passion.

A few hours pass from the moment we collect, rigorously by hand, to the pressing in the latest generation mills. This allows the olives to remain completely intact and to give us an extra virgin olive oil with a great polyphenolic content.

The speed of our work means that all the characteristics of a unique terroir are found in the Poggio al Sole extra virgin olive oil: the climate, the layout of the land, the orographic characteristics, but also the culture and the health component, thanks to the vitamins and to antioxidants.

The Poggio al Sole Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from typical Tuscan varieties such as Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino and is characterized by the intense notes and spicy taste typical of the oil from the Florentine hills.

The nutritional and health value meets, in the oil of this land, the historical identity and traditions.